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Clay is a type of fine-grained natural soil material. Clays get plastic when wet, but become hard, brittle and non–plastic upon drying or firing. Because of impurities, natural clays usually show various colors.
According to the nature and use, clay can be divided into ceramic clay, refractory clay, brick clay and cement clay. Hard refractory clay is usually used to make refractory materials. While in the ceramic industry, hard clay and semi-hard clay can be used as raw materials for making pottery, daily ceramics, architectural porcelain and industrial porcelain.
Nowadays, clay is also applied in many modern industrial processes, such as paper making, cement production and chemical filtering.

Grinding Processing

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 Grinding Processing img
 Grinding Processing img
 Grinding Processing img

Feeding System

The limestone is fed into the bucket elevator and subsequently transported to the raw material warehouse for grinding.

Grinding System

After grinding, the finished products are gathered by powder concentrator, and then conveyed to a screw conveyor.

Product Conveying System

The finished products are transported to the storage warehouse, while the excess gas is filtered by the dust collector.

Dust Removal System

The whole system is equipped with three pulse dust collectors to guarantee that the whole system is free of dust leakage.

Control System

The system is outfitted with an intelligent PLC control cabinet and an upper computer.

Control System

The system is equipped with an intelligent PLC control cabinet and an upper computer.

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Cement is composed of clinker, gypsum and additives with different contents. The basic properties of cement are determined by the cement clinker.

As we all know, the mineral of Portland cement clinker consists of tricalcium silicate (C3S), dicalcium silicate (C2S), tricalcium aluminate (C3A), and tetra-calcium ferroaluminate (C4Af), which requires us to mix corresponding materials when producing cement. Therefore, as an important source of Si and AI, clay powder is essential for cement production.

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Clays develop plasticity when wet. It’s the foundation of the formation of ceramic blank bud. Besides, clay makes the grouting mud and glaze have suspension and stability. Clay is the main body of ceramic body sintering. The content of Al2O3 and impurities in clay are the main factors that determine the degree of sintering temperature and softening temperature of ceramic body.

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The main content of clay is kaolin. For paper making, the clay must be bleached first.

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