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Calcite is a calcium carbonate mineral, which is the most common of natural calcium carbonate. Therefore, calcite is a widely distributed mineral. The crystal shapes of calcite are various, and their aggregates can be clusters of crystals, and can also be granular, massive, fibrous, stalactite, earthy, etc. It is widely used in varied industries for environmental protection and used in industrial processes and applications, in the non-ferrous metals and minerals, iron and steel, chemicals, portable water, pulp and paper, oil & gas, cement and construction, agriculture, animal husbandry and aquaculture. Other applications are in waste water and sludge treatment, sugar refining, flue gas treatment, glass and ceramics, roads and soil stabilization, food preparation, supplements and many more.

Grinding Processing

 Grinding Processing img
 Grinding Processing img
 Grinding Processing img
 Grinding Processing img

Feeding System

The limestone is fed into the bucket elevator and subsequently transported to the raw material warehouse for grinding.

Grinding System

After grinding, the finished products are gathered by powder concentrator, and then conveyed to a screw conveyor.

Product Conveying System

The finished products are transported to the storage warehouse, while the excess gas is filtered by the dust collector.

Dust Removal System

The whole system is equipped with three pulse dust collectors to guarantee that the whole system is free of dust leakage.

Control System

The system is outfitted with an intelligent PLC control cabinet and an upper computer.

Control System

The system is equipped with an intelligent PLC control cabinet and an upper computer.

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Calcite is one of the largest usage amount fillers in the rubber industry. Calcium carbonate can increase the volume of the rubber products, and save the consumption of the expensive natural rubber. Then it will save the cost.Calcite as the filer can increase the tensile strength, tear strength and abrasive resistance of the rubber products

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Calcite can play a role in the skeleton of plastic products. It can keep the stability of the plastic product shape. It can also increase the hardness and improve the surface gloss and surface smoothness of the plastic products.If the calcium carbonate whiteness above 90%, it can replace the expensive white pigment.

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Calcite in the water-based paint industry is more widely used. It can make the paint does not settle, easy to disperse, good gloss and other characteristics. The amount of water-based paint is about 20-60%.

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Paper Making

Calcite as the filler for paper, can guarantee the strength and whiteness of the paper. Then the less wood will be used, the cost is lower.

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Paper Building

Calcite plays an important role in concrete in the construction industry. Not only can reduce production cost, but also can increase the toughness and strength of the product. Dry Mortar Requirements: Particle Size: 325 Mesh Whiteness: 95% CaO3 Content: 98%

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