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Coal is a combustible black or brownish black sedimentary rock. Such sedimentary rocks usually occur in rock formations or veins called coal beds or coal seams. Because of later exposure to elevated temperature and pressure, harder forms of coal can be considered metamorphic rocks, such as anthracite. Coal is mainly composed of carbon, together with different amounts of other elements, mainly hydrogen, sulfur, oxygen and nitrogen. Historically, coal has been used as an energy resource, mainly for combustion to produce electricity heat, and can also be used for industrial purposes, such as refining metals, or producing chemical fertilizers and many chemical products. As a fossil fuel, coal was formed when ancient plants were buried underground before being decomposed and decomposed, converted into peat, then converted into lignite, then sub-bituminous, then bituminous, and finally anthracite. The hydrocarbons produced by coal act under the pressure and temperature conditions of crustal moving air, and the resulting carbonized fossil minerals, that is, coal is plant fossils. This involves a long period of biological and geological processes.

Grinding Processing

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 Grinding Processing img
 Grinding Processing img
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Feeding System

The limestone is fed into the bucket elevator and subsequently transported to the raw material warehouse for grinding.

Grinding System

After grinding, the finished products are gathered by powder concentrator, and then conveyed to a screw conveyor.

Product Conveying System

The finished products are transported to the storage warehouse, while the excess gas is filtered by the dust collector.

Dust Removal System

The whole system is equipped with three pulse dust collectors to guarantee that the whole system is free of dust leakage.

Control System

The system is outfitted with an intelligent PLC control cabinet and an upper computer.

Control System

The system is equipped with an intelligent PLC control cabinet and an upper computer.

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Coal is the main fuel for the cement kiln which is used to be calcined cement clinker. It is usually required to process coal into coal powder and burn it into the kiln. Calcination of high quality clinker requires high quality and stable supply of coal powder.

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Electric Power

A boiler is one of the main equipment of a thermal power plant. The boiler heats the working medium from water to a sufficient quantity and quality of superheated steam to drive the steam turbine. At present, the main fuel for boiler combustion is pulverized coal.

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In the metallurgical industry, blast furnace iron making is often used, and blast furnace injection of coal powder through the tuyere has become one of the most effective measures to save coke and improve smelting process.

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Anthracite is one kind of high metamorphic grade coal. It is the main chemical coal and an important raw material for carbon production. Coal chemical industry refers to the chemical process of converting coal into gas, liquid and solid fuels etc.

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