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Barite is the most common mineral of barium, and its composition is BaSO4. Moh’s hardness 3-3.5, specific gravity 4.0-4.6.

Grinding Processing

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 Grinding Processing img
 Grinding Processing img
 Grinding Processing img

Feeding System

The limestone is fed into the bucket elevator and subsequently transported to the raw material warehouse for grinding.

Grinding System

After grinding, the finished products are gathered by powder concentrator, and then conveyed to a screw conveyor.

Product Conveying System

The finished products are transported to the storage warehouse, while the excess gas is filtered by the dust collector.

Dust Removal System

The whole system is equipped with three pulse dust collectors to guarantee that the whole system is free of dust leakage.

Control System

The system is outfitted with an intelligent PLC control cabinet and an upper computer.

Control System

The system is equipped with an intelligent PLC control cabinet and an upper computer.

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Drilling Mud Weighting Agent

1,Drilling mud weighting agent: When drilling some oil wells and gas wells, the specific gravity of drilling mud and clay used, The specific gravity should >4.2 Size> 325mesh. BaSO4 content >95%, Soluble salts <1%。

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The Filler For Rubber, Paper, Plastic, Etc.

It can Improve the hardness, wear resistance and aging resistance of rubber and plastics. Requirement, BaSO4 content>98% CaO<0.36% Not allow include MgO, Pb.

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Used To Increase The Strength Of Cement

It is used to increase the strength of cement. The early strength of cement can be increased by about 20-25%, and the later include barite strength is increased by about 10%.

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Barium Cement

Barium cement is made of barite and clay as the main raw materials. After sintering, clinker composed of barium silicate as the main mineral is obtained, and then an appropriate amount of gypsum is added to grind it together. The specific gravity is higher than that of ordinary portland cement, which can reach 4.7 ~ 5.2. The strength label is 325-425. Due to the large proportion of barium cement, it can be formulated with heavy aggregates (such as barite) to form a uniform and dense anti-X-ray concrete. Requirement, BaSO4≥88%, SiO2<9%.

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Road Construction

A mixture of rubber and asphalt containing about 10% barite has been successfully used in parking lots and is a durable paving material. The tires of heavy road construction equipment have been partially filled with barite to increase the weight and facilitate the consolidation of the fill area.
With the depletion of high-quality, single-type barite mines, most barite mines in China have low grades and are closely associated with other metal mines and non-metal mines, which directly affects their industrial use value. The barite weighting agent used as drilling mud generally requires fineness above -0.056mm, density> 4.2g / cm3, grade> 95%, soluble salt content 98%, CaO content <0.36%, and no magnesium oxide is allowed , Lead and other harmful ingredients. Different uses of barite have different requirements on the purity, whiteness and impurity content of barite.
1), Physical purification
Hand separation, heavy separation, magnetic separation
2) Chemical purification

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